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Fuchi's doodles!

Oodles of doodles and artsy stuff~
May 5 '13

Here’s my Design project guys!

I had to make a wearable piece of art and I created a headpiece out of paper mache, as well as an attachable part for my foot ;w;

It’s supposed to represent negative thoughts and how they latch onto you and grow as you continue to hold onto them, especially when it comes to envy and jealousy, which explains the eyes.

So yeah! That’s it for the project! Let’s hope I get a decent grade on this ;3;

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  1. suzzannnn said: whoa dude this looks awesome!
  2. annatuxedocat said: Wow, that’s a really neat idea!
  3. djavjr said: gross! uou
  4. fuchi-conejo posted this